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PR Consulting

During the last decade, public relations became a necessity for every organization, company or individual with a modern, rational and above all, responsible approach to their work.

Today, any child can tell you: successful communication is a key to success. This is true of both internal, communication within the organization, and external communication, aimed at creating a positive public image. American president Abraham Lincoln was well aware of this, when he said: "Public support is everything. With it, nothing can fail; without it, nothing will succeed.”

Public relations have many aspects but it is frequently (and not without reason) associated with media relations only. We work closely with our clients on developing and designing their key messages and our understanding of the journalistic process allows us to prepare ready-to-use materials for the media. We will also found creative ways to put your story in the media and create easy to understand and straightforward media items.

As part of our PR services, we will:

  • Design your communication strategy.
  • Create your PR plans and take care of their implementation.
  • Organize and conduct information and education campaigns.
  • Train you for your media appearance.
  • Advise you on crisis management and communication.
  • Build and manage your reputation. 
  • Build your public image (branding).
  • Provide a range of multimedia services (manage the content of your web pages, produce sponsored films).