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Strategic Consulting

If you ever played chess, you probably know the feeling of desperately wanting to be able to read your opponent’s mind, anticipate his moves and beat him in a spectacular end game. Chess is all about strategy, a game of anticipating as many moves and solutions as possible. Doing business is just like playing chess - timely information and knowledge of socio-economic environment are crucial when you need to make the right decision.

Working with reputable companies in industries such as energy, finance, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology or education, we gained a wealth of expertise in:


  • Communicating and working together with key stakeholders.
  • Advocacy. 
  • Identifying potential media partners.
  • Monitoring and identifying your media position, and that of your competitors.


Over time, we have monitored and analyzed numerous political, economic and other processes and phenomena and can give you a clear picture of your business environment and suggest suitable activities.