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Image by Muhammad Zamani

Our Mission

Our mission is to helpgrow our clients' businesses by opening a new online sales channel and increasing their sales.

We do this by running ads on social media which generates interest from potential customers. They leave their contact information (this is what we call a lead) which we send to you and all YOU have to do is call them and make the sale!

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Sales Leads

We are a digital marketing agency that works with clients from the energy sector, specifically in the field of solar plant installations.

We provide clients with new sales leads which means we send you contacts of people interested in your product/service (as many as you want). All you have to do is call them!

With the new sales channels and lead generation targets, you can expand your business and increase sales.

Our Solution

We have an already developed and tested kit which enables us to start generating leads for you right away. All we need to do is modify the kit for your country and language and we are ready to go! The kit includes a website, Facebook advert examples, solar calculator, contact forms and many other tools for lead generation. 

Lead generation process starts with new potential customers (people interested in installing a solar system in their household from your country or region) seeing and clicking on Facebook or Instagram ads which brings them to the website where they leave their contact information. We send you their contact information immediately and the rest is up to you!

Image by Laela-Sequoia Meadows
Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Accessible For Everyone

We are a current market leader for Central-East Europe, but we operate worldwide and in all languages. 

If you sell and/or install solar panels and are looking to increase sales and expand your business, we would love to help!

Free trial

If you sign up we will send you30 leads free of chargeas a part of our free trial period! This way you can see for yourself how successful our strategy is without any risk or cost to your company.

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